Cities4Forests Amsterdam

16 november 2022

Cities4Forests Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of five European cities that have been invited to engage in Partner Forests to showcase community-forest enterprises and the conservation benefits of using sustainably sourced wood. These high-visibility exchanges will promote consumer awareness, forest stewardship, and urban policies that exhibit leadership on climate and biodiversity. These local-to-local partnerships can demonstrate the power of “thinking globally, and acting locally.”

To pilot the Partner Forest program at a small scale, conservation timber will be sourced for new outdoor public infrastructure such as bridges and benches. The timber will be sourced from a strategically selected community-managed forest according to specifications prepared by the core project group (Cities4Forests, Probos, and City of Amsterdam). Through this test, city connections to Partner Forest communities will be created.. Once finished, the project will display limited information and a QR code that connects with the community through Cities4Forests’ Partner Forests website. This website will provide information on where the wood has come from and will virtually connect the people of Amsterdam to Partner Forest community members (e.g. through a video message). Lessons and outcomes of Phase 1 will be applied to a large-scale project, for instance through a bridge renovation or additions to the Mandela Park Housing development. Partner Forest communities and wood sources will be reassessed based on project needs, and the use of lesser-known timber species considered. Partner Forest programs are intended to help cities advance their sustainability commitments, such as Amsterdam’s Green Deal Timber Construction agreement..


Uitvoerders: Mark van Benthem, Sietze van Dijk, Bryndis Perdijk en Guus Beerkens
Opdrachtgever: Cities 4 Forest World Research Institute
Periode van uitvoering: 2022-2023


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