Sustainable Tropical Timber Trade Mission to Suriname

02 februari 2014

The objective of this project is to establish long-term business relations and creating business with European tropical timber traders, to support market entrance of (FSC) certified timber (-products) from sustainably managed forests in Suriname. As a means to reach this goal, a business visit for a group of 12 to 16 European tropical timber traders o/a buyers to Suriname was organized. The trade mission took place from November 7 to 14, 2015. A total of 17 participants joined the mission, representing 15 different organizations of which 10 companies potentially might directly buy forest products from the FSC certified Surinamese companies. All participants are enthusiastic about the mission and what the Surinamese companies have to offer. During the trade mission several individual business encounters took place and this continued after the mission. In fact, the importing companies are also considering collaboration to make sourcing of FSC-certified timber more cost-effectively.


uitvoerder(s): Mark van Benthem (Probos), Sietze van Dijk (ESS)
opdrachtgever(s): Individual companies and the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) / IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative
periode van uitvoering: 2015

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